The Emergence of Chinese Business: What It Means For You

28th Dec 2019

This is not so much the emergence of China’s business sectors, but rather the emergence of China as a superpower along with the United States, of course - and the ever so shaky and wobbly European Union. However, focusing on simply the business side of China’s rise to influence and power - we want to take you through the existing effects on the World and what it means for you…

Knocking the US Off Their Perch

It has been common knowledge for a long time that China will surpass the United States’ GDP, wealth and business power. Since the turn of the 21st century, this has been more evident. So, from a US perspective, what do you do if you can’t beat them?... Join them! This entails more business deals, as it is in both parties’ best interests, and to form strong relationships which we have seen in the past 20 years more and more. If you - yourself - have not attended international business meetings with the odd Chinese phrase being passed around, then we are sure that you soon will…

The Effects of Brexit

The prospect of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union without a deal is looming larger and larger. So, where will the UK, one of the most influential and major powerhouse countries seek deals for imports, exports and other types of business deals? Of course, you will assume their “special relationship” with the US will create a lot more deals and bond that relationship even further - but the United States can only offer so much, and business is hardly ever exclusive… The UK will almost certainly look to China even more than ever for business. They do already, but current EU laws and regulations limit them some. This will not be the case when they (eventually) leave! This was one of the key factors of leaving that the original Leave party spearheaded by Nigel Farage proposed. We will probably see more of a clique with these powerful countries now that the UK is set to leave the EU - and plenty more countries are set to follow in the UK’s footsteps, which only benefits China’s rise to business greatness.

What About You?

As we say, if you have not already built relationships with Chinese business associates or colleagues, then you soon will. It is important to consider how China has formed strong business relationships with countries like the United States and the United Kingdom. You might assume that meetings entail the use of speaking English to one another - after all, it’s the universal language, right? Wrong. More people globally speak Mandarin Chinese than English. This is also staggering when considering that Mandarin is just of the dialects of this complex language. This is not to say that meetings are necessarily spoken in Chinese either because it is not required for anyone working or operating a business to speak multiple languages. Instead, companies intertwining from different nations seek the professional help of translation services. Translation services companies are sought-out to provide the best translators to facilitate communication between people like yourself and the representatives of Chinese businesses. Professional translators will understand business terms and jargon - but also understand different cultures as well as languages. After all, idioms and business jargon are different in every language and each dialect that exists… and it takes an expert to have mastered them!


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