5 Video Remote Interpreting Advantages

10th Sep 2021

Video remote interpreting (VRI) provides you with a social-distance friendly and cost-effective way to gain from high-quality and on-demand interpretation services. You can schedule video remote interpreting whenever you need it on the fly. It doesn't need the interpreter to reach you, allowing you to take advantage of contact-less interpretation irrespective of your industry. 

With VRI, you can easily manage language barriers within your organization, professionally and conveniently. Let's explore some other benefits of video remote interpreting that can help you determine the effectiveness of VRI for your organization.

Saves Your Time and Money 

You might think that video remote interpreting is time-consuming and expensive. But it's actually not. The advanced technology, high-speed connectivity, and cut-throat competition in the industry make it highly affordable. Imagine it like this. The companies or organizations that need interpretation services need to get in touch with the interpreter. They have to pay the interpreters fixed or hourly fees and provide coverage for their travel costs each time they hire them. But VRI saves you from all this hassle, also saving your time and money. You don’t need to arrange the interpreter in person. Only contact the VRI service and request to schedule the remote interpreter according to your needs. 

Easy and Clear Communication 

VRI is easy and simple to arrange as compared to conventional in-person interpretation services. Any organization that needs interpretation regularly can integrate it into their operations and everyday communications seamlessly. You simply need to schedule the service, connect with the interpreter as expected, and begin the interpretation process. Plus, it enables businesses to cross the cultural and language barriers and helps build stronger relationships across the borders. 

No Need to Invest in Special Equipment 

With conventional interpretation services, you may need a special booth, headsets, and other equipment along with a team to supervise the entire process. But with VRI, this is not the case. It only uses standard devices built-in your computer or laptop or smartphones such as a camera, microphone, and stable internet connectivity. If you don't have a built-in camera or any other piece of equipment, you can easily purchase them at affordable prices and attach them to your device. 

Quick and Easy Access

If you're looking for an interpreter with a specific accent and style, you can quickly get it through video remote interpretation services. Arranging an in-person interpreter according to your particular requirements can be challenging. But with VRI, you can do it efficiently. This service gives you easy access to interpreters worldwide, which means you can arrange an on-demand interpreter to meet your specific needs without problems. Plus, you can access the VRI service anytime and from anywhere in the world. 

Perfect for Any Industry 

Legal and healthcare organizations have already realized the tremendous benefits of VRI in their routine operations. But now, companies in different industries have also started to leverage the advantages that VRI offers them. Finance, education, manufacturing, and many other industries can harness the multiple benefits of VRI to enhance their efficiency, productivity and improve their bottom line. 

In a nutshell, video remote interpreting has become an interpretation services trend that is here to stay. Various industries have already started benefiting from this technologically-driven interpretation service, ensuring streamlined, transparent, flexible, and cost-effective communication across boundaries.