Breaking The Barrier Understanding The Difference In Tone Between Western And Chinese Business Documents
17th Feb 2023
Breaking the Barrier: Understanding the Difference in Tone between Western and Chinese Business Documents

In today's globalized business world, effective communication is key to success. When it comes to writing formal business documents, cultural...

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Patent 1
08th Nov 2021
Everything You Need to Know about Legal Translations

Legal translations refer to the translations in the field of law. It encompasses the translation of all documents that regularize...

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14th Oct 2021
Relevance Of Foreign Language Translation Projects In The Backdrop Of COVID-19

The rate of global economic change over the past decade has increased dramatically. But following the outbreak of COVID-19, the...

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Patent 3
23rd Sep 2021
Essentials for the Successful and Rewarding Translation Work

  In the era of globalization, it is an obligation for your business to interact with the customers in all...

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Video Remote Interpreting
10th Sep 2021
5 Video Remote Interpreting Advantages

Video remote interpreting (VRI) provides you with a social-distance friendly and cost-effective way to gain from high-quality and on-demand interpretation...

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25th Sep 2020
Chinese National Security Law Version to Succeed Over English One

The government of Hong Kong has given confirmation that the new national security law’s Chinese version will dominate over the English...

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04th Sep 2020
Proposed Ban on Foreign Translation at Government Press Conferences Could Promote Chinese Culture

A Chinese legislator brought a proposal at the yearly (NPC) meetings to put an end to foreign translations at major events...

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11th Jun 2020
How to Translate Documents for Travelling and Immigration Accurately

Document translation services can help reduce the risk of any mistakes as they provide error-free translated versions of your documents....

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24th May 2020
5 Things To Keep In Mind When Hiring A Chinese Interpreter

If you are traveling to China for a business or pleasure trip, you must be looking for professional translation services...

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New Image Min
14th May 2020
Why Translation Services Are An Invaluable Tool For Marketing

It is not surprising to see how businesses are benefitting from an interconnected world. Global marketing offers a myriad of...

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