Relevance Of Foreign Language Translation Projects In The Backdrop Of COVID-19

14th Oct 2021

The rate of global economic change over the past decade has increased dramatically. But following the outbreak of COVID-19, the process has been further amplified. The strength of a business in such times, is dependent on its balance and flexibility. A well planned and executed business strategy will enable it to persevere even in the most extreme conditions.

How COVID-19 Has Affected The Globalization Of The International Economy

The World Health Organization (WHO) first acknowledged the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) as a world health emergency in January 2020. On March 11, it declared the outbreak as a pandemic, the highest level of health emergency.

Since then the world has been combating not only a public-health issue but also an economic downturn. The outbreak of COVID-19 has had severe economic consequences across the globe. It has affected many sectors and industries in the global economy beyond anything experienced previously.

Experts have reported that the virus has drastically lowered the global economic growth in 2020. UCTAD claims that the losses for the tourism industry alone may be as high as $2.4 trillion for 2021.

Relevance Of Foreign Language Translation Projects In The Backdrop Of Covid 19

Translation Projects Are More Relevant Now Than Ever Before

With so many people working and shopping from home, businesses have identified that the pandemic has changed the way they are now interacting with its customers.

While smaller companies may not have the budget to translate their web pages into every single language in the world, they can still make smart and cost-effective decisions. The English language represents 25.9% of internet users worldwide and the Chinese language represents 19.4% of internet users. Thus, a business can target almost half of the internet users in the world by translating their website, social media posts, newsletters, videos, and other media into just two languages.

The rise of the digital age, further catalyzed by recent events, has made professional translators a necessity as business move their businesses online and expand into new horizons. This may not have been as pressing, were it not for the emergency created by the pandemic.


Final Thoughts

Since the pandemic became an international emergency, businesses all over the world have rushed to build the online aspect of their business. Having your website and social media translated into Chinese is the single most cost-effective way of reaching as many potential customers as possible. The pandemic will pass, but the relevance of going online and translation is here to stay.

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