Can Healthcare industry depend on Google Translator?

15th Jun 2018
Google Translate

The Spanish translation contention with Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) website sparked discussion in the Core group for the translation services. It was deemed that the developers may have engaged Google translator which ended in the inept and inaccurate phrasing for the website.

It is quite visible that the software aides in delivering day to day translation tasks but many who have endured the quality of these machine translations, know that they can give a hard time with unpredictable outcomes and language flaws.

Additionally, using these automated translation services in the medical industry can be terrible and utterly irresponsible. The right answer could be rendering support of a high-quality translations and interpretation services.

Automated Translation can lead to Disasters

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For instance, if someone would invite you for translating their discharge details from hospital from English to any other language, this would include considering the instructions, settling queries and hence signing off the copy after enough thought.

Any issue if arises hereafter can build a lot of chaos with your insurance, medical bills, and general aftercare plans.

Automated Translation software does not realize the nature of the situations and words employed henceforth. This is why you require to be remarkably careful when running through a Google translation for a completely foreign language.

Solely depending on these machine services can make you look unprofessional. In the industry such as Healthcare which is obliged to keep highest of practices, and safety as the core, medical professionals can never afford to be careless with the translations.

Use Warning when using Machine translation

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In Healthcare it is significant that if you employ machine translation on your webpage, you can add a warning to it. Many healthcare providers use google translation as courtesy services and do not manage, control or access any aspect of it.

Hence adding a warning can ensure that you don’t land into any trouble. You avoid giving any assurances, promises or guarantees as such arising out of translation results as they can land you into legal troubles.

Healthcare providers thus certify the information in their terms and conditions and validate information surfaced only in English. For instance, you can use the following statement-

“Visitors who rely on information through Google Translate on our website should do so at their own risk. We shall be not considered liable for any errors or misunderstandings in the translation and hence shall not be liable for any loss, damage or similar issues, including without restriction, incidental or consequential loss or damage resulting from or in relation with the use of the Google Translate Service.”

However, taking the overall risk factor into consideration Google translator may not be considered as the right choice. Utilise the professional website translation services for accurate results.

Creating Awareness

Majority of the translation and interpretation services alike should join hands to create awareness amongst medical practitioners that make them aware of the risks associated with the machine translation. There can be perception issue with an automated response.

For instance not every bilingual person can be a great translator and similar works with Google translate. The Google automated translation services are a cost-effective option and have eased the translation task.

These can be employed for a good read. In fact, those who have some better understanding of the foreign language and need to make an edit or else translating a facebook post is worthwhile but not the entire formal work.

When it comes to serious industries such as healthcare more reliable services are required to exceed the risks with translation.

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