Why You Should Avoid Using Machine and Electronic Translators

23rd Oct 2019

If only the world shared one common language, even just a universal business language for convenient communication and faster documentation processes. How marvelous that would be. Sadly, no such language exists and when you need your documents to reach a wider audience, they need to be translated… and translated correctly! Main language translation options come as the following services: • Machine Search Translation Services • Electronic Translators • Professional Translation Services We are going to take you through the do’s and don'ts when considering the translation service options available to you, and how a leading professional translation company can help you have your documents translated most effectively. First, let’s review why translating your documents is a crucial process… The Importance of Document Translation English is often mistaken as the universal language, but is it? If you do not speak Mandarin Chinese then you cannot claim to speak the world’s most common language. Keep in mind that this is just one of China’s dialects. They are one of the many growing countries in the business world today, and many other countries are following behind such as those who speak the languages of Spanish, Arabic, Russian and Hindustani. Do you suddenly feel like a little fish in a big pond? For your documents to reach a wider audience, they need to be translated. This, however, can be a complicated process, full of technical terms and business jargon. The content of your documentation needs to be translated accurately and precisely. Documents often need to be translated into multiple languages. The mere prospect of having to do this can be headache-inducing. But this is not the case for everyone. Professional translation services exist to do the legwork for you and take the stress out of this important aspect of business. Why are they the best method of language translation? What Machine Search Translation Services and Electronic Translators CAN’T Do Are machine and electronic translators reliable? How do you know if the output of a translation engine is correct? Although the content of your documents can be translated word for word by machine search translation services and electronic translators… it’s best to avoid them. Idioms and business jargon are different in every language and each dialects that exist. Using a machine or electronic translator limits a lot of what you can achieve in translating your documents, and perhaps wider goals of building international working relationships. Machine and electronic translators also fail to pick up on falling and rising intonations in the conversations that you should be encouraged to have, or that may even be necessary to have. It is best to have a professional with you… After all, advanced technology is great, but there are some things are still best left to humans. Or in this case, professionals. Bear in mind that humans created and mastered such translation services. Languages themselves are one of the very fundamental man-made creations, humans understand them better any programmable machine… Professional Translators Although we still advise that the content of your documentation remains as neutral as possible -- with humans and a translator service provider you can go beyond basic content, have questions answered and explanations to hand in translation professionals who are fluent not only in languages but understand different cultures as well. This is a crucial aspect to consider when translating that only humans, or in many cases only dedicated professional translators can comprehend to help you. Professionals at the best translation agencies also understand technical terms and business jargon, as well as customs and mannerisms far beyond a machine or electric translator could ever keep up with. The translation of your documentation is important, and finding the right professionals is just as essential. Using an inexperienced translator may have detrimental effects on your documentation process and may harm working relationships. Be sure to use a reputable and professional translation company… IN THE END... Waterstone Translations is a leading provider of professional language translation services. Finding the right professionals is crucial to translating your documents, so it is comforting to learn that they have successfully achieved the translation needs of the largest and most successful multinational companies and law firms in the world. Between the dedicated professionals who operate through Waterstone Translations, they offer help with 50+ languages… boasting more than what many machine and electronic translators could offer. Not to mention Waterstone Translations’ cultural awareness across the globe -- something that cannot be programmed into a machine.