Why use a translation company?

22nd Sep 2015
As the world becomes increasingly globalised, one area which is often overlooked is language translation. It is a vital part of marketing efforts, without which businesses would be unable to build a global brand.  Yet, many companies still choose to have bilingual staff fulfil its translation requirements, rather than seek the services of a professional translation agency. What are the advantages of using a translation company? 1. Resources Resources are finite in each company and a smart company knows how to best deploy these resources to achieve its business objectives. In a busy period with looming deadlines, translation projects are often put towards the bottom of the to-do list and rushed at the end. This compromises its quality and increases the likelihood of mistakes occurring. A translation agency will have no such problem, it is able to call upon its pool of specialised linguists to fulfil projects of any size and deadlines. 2. Management A professional translation agency has vast experience managing translation projects, it’s what they do! They ensure the project will be completed on time and will set up workflows to ensure quality. It is unlikely that bilingual staff with limited translation experience is able to provide a smooth and precise translation whilst keeping in mind cultural connotations and international marketing strategies. 3. Tools A translation agency will have an arsenal of tools to manage a project, from Optical Character Recognition software to Translation Memories, the benefits these tools provide is substantial. With translation memory, a project can be scanned for any content that has been previously translated, thereby reducing your costs in the long term as well as ensuring consistency of language terminology. These tools require substantial financial investment and translation memories requires constant management to ensure it works as intended. A translation company can offer these benefits without the downsides. The above are some of the reasons why using a translation company would be beneficial. To know more, our team will be happy to speak to you. Our website is http://www.waterstonetranslations.com.