Training A Global Workforce

14th Sep 2018

With so many multinational companies emerging to the forefront, the concept of having a global workforce has become quite common these days. As companies understand the need to operate from several nations and have branches all around the world, their workforce too needs to be spread at large. However, it is essential to have some kind of unity amidst the diversity so that the workforce resonates with the identity of the brand together. This is why we are going to talk of some of the most effective tips which can come in handy for managing the global workforce.

Swapping the team

One of the core strategies which you must implement has to be swapping. Do not let the workforce stay aloof from each other. There has to be some kind of interweaving or else each sub-unit would feel like a separate entity.

This is why swapping the team and regular transfer of employees is a great way to keep the momentum going. Of course, when you swap an employee from one country to another, you have to take into account several factors; the key among them being the grasp of the foreign language. This is another reason why learning a foreign language is one of the desired skills at the top-tier management position in MNCs. This is where professional translation services come into play to impart desired information for different languages. Translating the ideas from one language to another is must to ensure that you can smoothly swap your employees into different nations.

Do not micromanage

When you have a global workforce, the concept of micromanagement should cease to exist in your books. Micromanagement requires a great deal of effort, time, and patience and is not the most ideal strategy to get the desired output either. Instead of micromanaging your employees, you should inspire them to carry out their delegated duties and even step ahead and do a little extra.

When employees are given the right incentive and are motivated to treat their company as their own, it can reap rewards far better than what micromanagement would yield.

Joint Webinars

One of the best ways to let your global workforce know that you are all a part of one and the same team is to host live webinars. This is also a great platform to bring too many employees together. We understand that with the time-zone differences and language barriers, this is easier said than done. But translation services can help you bridge the gap and instill confidence amongst the employees. You can have subtitles offered in different languages and make sure you choose an efficient translation company for the job because the last thing you want is to have your meaning lost in translation. As for the time-zone differences, always have episodes of webinars available to be replayed so that should the time fall in an absurd time zone, they can always catch on the repeat episodes.

Global updates

No matter which branch you are supervising, it is important for all employees to have the key updates about the different branches of your organization. It is these little things which prepare them to treat the company first and not the branch as a separate entity. The global updates should always be channelized in the right way and all employees should take pride in the achievements of not just their branch but other branches of the same company too.

With these effective strategies, you should be able to keep your global workforce up to date. It is the work of top-tier managers to ensure that all these steps are actually being executed. Any kind of disparity in the office between the members of the firm is bound to have repercussions for the growth of the firm. You need to always remember that the success of a company relies largely on the success of the employees because a firm grows with its employees and vice versa.

So, train the top tier managers to train their employees in a meticulous manner and bring prosperity to the global image of the firm!

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