The World’s Most Widely Spoken Language

30th Nov 2018

Do you know that despite being the de facto standard, it isn’t English which is most widely spoken?  This fact is quite shocking for many but it is mandarin Chinese which heads the list with 1.1 billion speakers closely followed by English at 983 million speakers.

So this fact in itself might give you a clear picture regarding how important it is to have your content translated in Chinese especially if you are selecting countries that have predominantly Chinese population.

If you have visited China and you were not proficient in the Chinese language, we are sure that you might have faced some problems when it comes to communication. It is important to have a common language to share your opinion, express your ideas and engage in a conversation. This is why there is an unprecedented demand for English to Chinese translation services.

China is heading too many industries and thereby it is no surprise that various global companies are interested in doing trade with China. Despite the tumultuous relation between the US and China and the troubles that often ensues, one cannot undermine China’s role in the global business movement.

So, if you too desire to have some contact with the Chinese economy, you might be in need for Mandarin translation services. This is important because if you have your content in English, people are least likely to know about the details and they won’t even be able to understand what you are offering.

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Chinese Translation Company

There are many professional translation services that offer the best of translated content in Chinese. However, be mindful of the accuracy. The last thing you want is a trained Chinese but moderate English speaking translator to do the work. If you end up choosing someone like this, they may not be able to grasp the details of the original content and this will lead to a terrible translation.

So, it is really important to pick the best translators who are thoroughly skilled in the chosen language pair. Both the ability to grasp the meaning of the language in the original content and the skill to have it translated into Chinese need to be impeccable. This is an important perquisite for a flawless translation.

Not just business, even when it comes to personal work, you might require the services of a translation company because making a conversation is very hard unless you can dodge the language barrier.

A lot of people believe that learning the Chinese language is really tough but then again, you should make it a point to clearly check out the details of the language translation services and choose a specialist for the job.


Who You Should Hire?

Hiring someone who either has a degree or can prove his impeccable hold of the language pair will help you be sure that your content will be spot on.

There are a lot of people who end up taking interpretation services when they go to China for a business or a personal trip. This is important as it helps them understand what the Chinese are saying and also express their own ideas and opinion as well. All these little points end up making a key difference.

Waterstone Translation is one such company that has an impeccable record as far as English to Chinese translation services are concerned. They have some of the best staff who are thoroughly trained in Chinese and have fluency in multiple languages. There are people who have a knack of picking up several languages and they can express themselves fluently in several different languages.

So, as a translation company, you should always be on the lookout to spot such talent and hire hem so that you can always suffice the needs of your clients and offer the best of accurately translated content in the language they desire.