The Importance of Translation Services in Brexit Negotiations

21st Nov 2019

Brexit Brexit Brexit - the most talked-about, complicated, confusing and lost-in-translation (excuse the pun) piece of ongoing news of today. This was the case yesterday and it will be tomorrow too. Let’s narrow the complexity of Brexit back to what it is: a negotiation process. The negotiation of a “Brexit deal” is, without a doubt, the most spoken-about topic in the UK, Europe and perhaps even globally. Could a Brexit deal occur without translation services in these negotiations? Both spoken and documented translation services ought to be integral. To put it into context; the world’s most significant event of the last decade [is a/rests upon a] negotiation. Brexit: leaving a constitution that recognizes 24 official languages The decision for the UK to leave the European Union (EU) was made by the British public in the Summer of 2016. This has had and will continue to have huge effects and consequences for the UK, Europe and even the rest of the world; impacting countries such as the US, Australia, and China. 

And yet… the world is waiting for 2020 for it to be processed. Assuming that it is not pushed back yet again. How a deal has still not been reached yet is another matter entirely. However, the length of time does show how complicated negotiations can be… even within the largest institutions that the world has ever seen.

Just imagine if Brexit negotiations took place without translation services. Think of the countless meetings, agreements and documents - Brexit would simply not be able to happen. No deal could ever be reached without translations services. Perhaps Brexit 2058 at a push… The EU itself could not exist without translation services. Similar to the United Nations, but on a slightly smaller scale, there are multiple representatives from various countries who speak an array of different languages. Translation services are essential to their existence and the operation of the modern world, which is becoming more connected and increasingly globalized. What about your negotiations? Much like the meetings of Brexit; representatives and parties that speak different languages meet need to find common ground. Not only after translation services crucial to international business meetings, but also for what proceeds this: documentation. Brexit is no different… If you consider how complicated it is for the EU, the second-largest economy in the world, to negotiate - then consider that negotiations across different languages/cultures are difficult and bound to be impossible without the help of translation services. Utilizing services from a translation services company can help you negotiate more efficiently, comfortably and faster than any other process - and there are very few options at your disposal as it is. Translation professionals are fluent in languages but also understand different cultures as well. This is something that can often go overlooked when aiming for successful negotiations. These experts understand technical terms and business jargon, as well as customs and mannerisms that can make-or-break meetings that require negotiations to be achieved. Following negotiations, you are bound to need to publish multiple documents and may need to do so in many different languages. Translation services can assist this process to ensure that everything is above board. IN THE END... Waterstone Translations is a leading translation services provider that is experienced in negotiations and well-equipped to assist firms of any magnitude. They offer dedicated professionals who between them have mastered over 50 languages. We’ve discussed the benefits of translation services throughout Brexit. Perhaps the negotiations you will enter are not of such magnitude, but we do not doubt their importance and how crucial it is to have translation services to utilize.