The Importance Of Subtitles In Video Marketing

24th Oct 2018

The world of video marketing is going very strong. You can find a great deal of companies that have entered in the field of video marketing because YouTube surely is one of the hot grounds for anyone who is looking to cater to a wider audience.

When it comes to video marketing, there are tons of things you need to take care of. As the internet has stripped the geographical barriers completely, it have made easier for MNCs to target the global customer base. However, with your videos you might be making one major mistake and that has to be subtitle languages!

If your videos are filmed in English and your company operates in multiple countries, think of what a French guy make of it would if the video has English speaking people and no subtitles!

Even if he understands simple English, he may not be able to catch up on the video but having subtitles would have made it easier for him! You might be potentially losing a prospective client simply because you didn’t pay any heed to the need for subtitling services.

While we do not really encourage having subtitles in endless languages, we are going to talk of the best strategies to use when it comes to making the most of video marketing.

Know your target base

First of all, your marketing company needs to sit down and research on the top countries you are targeting for marketing needs. This is crucial because the video translation services would come at a price too. So, what is the point of uselessly wasting too much money?

When you choose the best subtitling companies, you need to let them know the language you would need the subtitles in.

By cutting down on some of the unwanted language pairs, you can save your company a lot of extra expenses.

Opt for country specific content

We mostly believe that the right strategy is to have videos made for the countries you are targeting. You can choose to have the video in the regional language and then have subtitles in English so that even if they are accessed by non-native language speakers they can understand that.

Alternately, if the video is in English language; have the subtitles in the targeted regional language.

Are subtitles really important? A lot of people tend to skip the subtitles altogether because they deem it as a secondary unwanted expanse. What you need to understand here is that subtitles are really important and have often been used by people to understand the video.

So, do not treat them as an expense but as a part of the marketing cost. Making a video is no easy task and when you are spending money on it you should not disregard a little more expense in the form of professional translation services.

You can check out Waterstone Translation as we have an efficient team that has been doing an impeccable work as far as subtitling services are concerned. From closed captions to precise subtitles which even cover the incoherent mumbling; our company will deliver precisely what you need.

If you take a look at some of the popular and influential videos by the top companies that dabble in finest marketing practises, you will find that they all offer subtitles.

So, choose the best language translation company and have the subtitles in the targeted native language or English (as the case may be) and have them in your videos.

Unless the viewers understand what the video is all about, what is the whole point in having one!

A final word of caution is to always settle for professional translators for any marketing translation services who are certified experts because the last thing you want is poorly translated content that fails to capture the meaning of the words.

By choosing Waterstone Translations, you can skip these troubles and have impeccable subtitles with precision.