The difference between hiring a freelance translator and a translation company

26th Oct 2015
Translation by its very nature (brand image, delivering your messages to target audiences) is not something that you would want to get wrong. When deciding between a freelance translator or a translation company, it is important to first understand the differences and benefits between the two. Freelance translators When hiring a freelance translator, you are hiring a single freelancer who will be skilled in one specific field of expertise (i.e. Legal translation, business document translation, financial document translation, etc.) and in one language pair. To find the translator, you will need to go through an arduous recruitment selection process which you may or may not be able to afford the time to do if your project has a tight deadline. The biggest downside of hiring a freelancer translator directly is the uncertainty of the translation quality, What if the translated file is rigged with errors? What is the file is not delivered on time? Translation agencies Conversely, a translation agency will have hundreds, if not thousands of translators in their database; they will have worked with many translators previously and will therefore be able to assign to your documents reliable translators that delivers on time high quality work. There will be no need to invest any additional time searching for a specific translator or have the uncertainty of whether the job will be performed satisfactorily. As previously mentioned, the translations your company provides is a reflection of your organization. If there are errors, it will reflect badly upon your image and if you are not familiar with the language, there is no way to check the translation by yourself. The biggest reason of using a translation agency over a freelance translator is that it edits and proofreads the documents before submitting to you, thereby greatly reducing any errors or image loss to your business.