The Best 5 Movies You Couldn’t Watch Without Subtitling Services

01st Nov 2019

In the world of Netflix and on-the-go media platforms, translation subtitling services are used today more than ever and an increasingly important aspect of video content. Subtitling dates back since video media emerged. Foreign movies could not be watched without them. Many people even prefer subtitles for English-speaking media for full immersion.

We’re going to take you through the best foreign movies that we could not have enjoyed without subtitling services. Firstly, let’s quickly review what translation subtitling companies offer…

What Translation Subtitling Services Are Used For

Video subtitling services have been used for thousands and thousands of movies. They have helped foreign movies achieve global success and have helped us to become immersed in English-speaking movies that involve characters from other origins. But it doesn’t stop there… Video translation and subtitling services are used for all kinds of video content: • E-learning tutorials • Corporate training videos • Online videos (i.e. YouTube) • Webcasts • TV shows • Documentaries • Movies Let’s dive into the latter…

The Top 5 Influential Movies With Translated Subtitles

City of God (2002)

IMDb: #22 Main Language: Portuguese (Brazil) City of God is one of the most critically-acclaimed movies of all time. It massively impacted the Favelas and Brazil as a whole. The film’s success and legacy would not be so successful without audiences in other countries having watched it. Because of how iconic the film is, we have since seen a follow-up documentary on Netflix; ‘City of God: 10 Years Later’. This, as you guessed, also has subtitles.

Seven Samurai (1954)

IMDb: #20 Main Language: Japanese 65 years later, going on 66, the movie has lived and retired but is still one of the most highly-acclaimed movies of all time. It is just one of three ‘classic films’ released before the ‘70s that sits proudly in IMDb’s top 20 movies of all time. It is even ranked higher than It’s a Wonderful Life… now imagine if subtitling services did not exist. We would have missed out on a movie that inspired countless writers, directors and other influential people that work in video production, today.

Amelie (2001)

IMDb: #100 Main Language: French Breaking into the top 100 is the classic Montmartre-based movie. It is an immersive, feel-good, romantic story set in the beautiful city of Paris. Amelie would not have won the UK and USA-based awards that it did without the helping hand of subtitling companies. Much like Nino, how else would we have fallen in love with Amelie - without subtitles? France is renowned for having produced some of the finest films and has built a huge non-French speaking following. You know how.

Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)

IMDb: #138 Main Language: Spanish Pan’s Labyrinth is a cult classic. Dark and eery; it is a fantasy-based story that truly captivates a niche audience. Finding itself in the top 150, however, it also shows that it is a film that is appreciated all-round. Spanish cinema is becoming increasingly popular, but Pan’s Labyrinth is truly its poster-child. We may also think about how influential the Mexican-Spanish language is in USA media, today. Again, achieved through video translation services.

Cinema Paradiso (1988)

IMDb: #52 Main Language: Italian When we hear ‘Italian films’, many of our mind’s jump to the likes of The Godfather trilogy. These films, much like the Italian-American TV show, The Sopranos - were USA-produced. However, we would not have been able to have been immersed in them if no Italian/Sicilian had been spoken. Subtitling services help to achieve this. Sitting just outside the top 50 is Cinema Paradiso, a fairly-modern Italian film that has broken into global box-office success. This and the other best foreign movies would not have achieved success outside of their respective countries without video subtitling companies…


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