Machine translations Vs professional translations

12th Sep 2015
Through the advances of modern day technology, there is a growing expectation and belief that machine translations will one day replace professional translators. With the translation market valued at USD33.5bn as of 2012, there is surely incentives for companies to research and innovate to tap into this lucrative market. But what are the advantages of machine translations? machine-translation-human-translation

Machine translations:

Pros: Very simply, machine translations is cheaper and quicker than  professional translations. All it takes is a few clicks of a button and the file is translated instantly. Cons: Since the software is not yet able to thoroughly interpret the nuances of language, the translation can be abrupt and completely miss the intended meaning. It may also translate your document word by word and therefore read very awkwardly. Uses:
  • If you require a rough understanding only, it can be very suitable for this.

Professional translations:

Pros: A skilled translator is able to maintain the meaning of the source text whilst skillfuly allow the end reader to comprehend the same feelings and tone as if it was an original text. Cons: Time and cost. Professional translators charge by source document words  and the cost varies based on the difficulty of the text. Professionals may require days, weeks or even months to produce a perfectly translated document. Uses:
  • It is used for all types of documents and legal files.
Both Machine and professional translations have their own benefits and respective limitations. As long as the users understands this and chooses according to their expectations, both forms of translations are perfectly acceptable. Waterstone Translations is a provider of professional translation services which performs both document and legal translation service at reasonable charges. To know more, please visit