Leveraging Localization for Business Growth

24th Oct 2019

The common saying, and mindset that "everybody speaks English" is becoming more pronounced in business these days. Going by that, a single version of a website or advertisement should suffice. But this is not always the case. As a business that wants to progress, and attain a level of internalization, it is important that you buy the concept of professional translation services.

Now, one might want to ask- to what end? Why would anyone expend so much resources on localization, which is seemingly redundant.

Localization is a way of adapting your business's computer software to different languages, regional differences and technical requirements of the market you are targeting. This is such that you can meet locale-specific expectations or demand via efficient communication.

Of course, to become a translation services company is not a day's job. In fact, the responsibility becomes relatively overwhelming when you consider the fact that you would like to use it to cover more grounds on the international phase.

What Localization Does

The basic idea is to adapt to linguistic, technical, and cultural requirements, and expressly meet the differences.

How do you expand your sales and grow into being a force to be reckoned with? Simply, immediately you transcend into recognizing how much you can do with translation services, it helps your business with:

  • Expanding your global presence

From research, about 75% of the global population is not English-speaking. From the remaining 25%, a large number of them do not speak English well, and because of that, they won't be able to accurately digest marketing content or other subtleties of cultural references which form the basis of most marketing campaigns.

In this context, localization with a translation agency could be key in reaching a global audience, and ultimately boosting your sales.

  • Business Expansion

There is no gainsaying that the best way to sell to audiences across the globe and take a slice of the fast-growing mobile market is to adopt localization of software, websites, and applications.

That way, you will be able to introduce your brand to new markets and reach a wider audience.

  • Minimize Risk

When it comes to minimizing the risk of infringing on copyright, localization can be a lot helpful. It helps to note that not all of your product names are appropriate in a given culture. With language translation services, you can avoid serious marketing failures in this regard.

On a final note, it is an insane idea to put localization in the backlog until a better time arrives when you can harness its potential. But it would interest you that many big companies are actively invested in localization.

This is for no other reason but to expand globally and drive revenue from international businesses. It is true that many business goals may be prioritized but they can be more quickly achieved with localization.

That is where translation services become highly recognized and appreciated. Basic understanding of the power that localization has for business growth helps you as a large corporation or early-stage startup to consider it as a worthy investment that would suffice with augmenting your current product and operations as well as opening you up to new business opportunities.