How to Translate Documents for Travelling and Immigration Accurately

11th Jun 2020

Document translation services can help reduce the risk of any mistakes as they provide error-free translated versions of your documents. A reliable company will provide you with translated documents without any errors so you can present your case successfully.

Travelers and immigrants face many challenges when they go through their legal process. For that reason, it is crucial to work with the best translation services to make sure they do not experience rejection when submitting their applications.

In the case of immigrants, government officials may require them to present a wide range of documents that prove they meet the standards set for immigration approval. Even when an applicant has some fluency in the native language of the country they are entering, they can make mistakes when translating documents.

For instance, if someone is applying for a visa or a green card, United States immigration services will ask you to submit several different documents. The paperwork requires you to present your marriage certificate, birth certificate, as well as police records.

If these documents are not in English, you need professional document translation services to translate all documents. Failing to submit error-free translated documents result in rejection because you don’t meet the eligibility criteria set by the U.S. immigration. 

Immigrants and travelers need to present a copy of their original documents as well as a certified translation of the same materials. You need a ‘word for word’ translation and not a summary of your papers, even when they seem unrelated to your case.

If you need to translate your original documents for traveling or immigration purposes, the best thing to do is get in touch with a professional translation agency that deals with certified translations. When you submit accurately-translated documents, you avoid delays like paused processing times or related issues.

Choosing an affordable and reliable document translation service makes your life easier as a traveler or an immigrant. A reputed translation agency has a database of professional and expert translators who know how to translate all legal documents without making any technical blunders. Most companies also offer a money-back guarantee if there is an error in your translated documents.

Not only are these professional agencies consistent, but they maintain consistency of term language and communication. Translators working on immigration documents make sure they do not change the dates and names of the applicants.

Every year, thousands of individuals require effective immigration translation services for breaking the language barrier and submitting their documents. That’s one of the reasons why so many translation companies offer document translation services

>At Waterstone Translations, we provide top-notch translation services to frequent travelers and immigrants. Thanks to our systematic quality control process, our clients get nothing but accurate and timely translated documents. We boast expert and seasoned translators along with a team of professional editors who review all translations before handing over the documents to our clients.

When submitting your documents, you must also make sure that all documents look professional and presentable. Immigration can be a rigorous process, and you can experience rejection over many things, including unprofessional and inaccurate translations.

Imagine how you would feel after waiting for hours or even weeks, only to be rejected after going through the lengthy process. While your travel agents will try to mislead you by saying that you just got unlucky, many times, wrongly translated documents are the real culprit behind your rejection.

If you want to travel without any trouble or file your immigration case without experiencing any delays, work with professional document translation services. Experienced and expert legal translators make sure to pay attention to all critical factors such as localized content and make no grammatical or technical mistakes.

Final Thoughts

Since 2005, Waterstone Translations has been providing professional document translation services to law firms, multinational companies, and Fortune 500 clients. Our extensive experience allows us to translate any document, whether it’s a simple two-page application or complicated paperwork, to make sure our clients never have to face rejection. If you want to know more about how you can receive translated documents to travel to your favorite country, or file your immigration case, get in touch with us.