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Waterstone Translations offers exceptional English to Chinese translation services to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes around the world. English to Chinese translation services is our most requested service. It is the first language pair we offered over ten years ago, and millions of words translated later, we still enjoy doing it!

For many businesses around the globe, China is repeatedly named as one of the countries they would most like to enter and for good reasons too. With a population of 1.3 billion and double-digit GDP growth for the last 30 years, breaking into China can be extremely lucrative, but there are cultural and linguistic challenges also.

The case study on the right provides a summary of how our English to Chinese translation services was able to help one particular client raise $49.5 million by soliciting investors through the federal EB-5 program.

Which Type Of Written Chinese Do You Require?

To say that China is a big country would be an understatement. According to the consultancy firm McKinsey, by 2025 China will have 221 cities with a population of at least 1 million. It is therefore important to know that your professional Chinese translation will need to be translated into Simplified Chinese if your audience is in Mainland China, Malaysia or Singapore. If your audience is in Hong Kong, Taiwan or Macau however, Traditional Chinese would be required.

The Challenges Of English To Chinese Translation Services

The Chinese language is very different to English and this causes many challenges when attempting to perform professional Chinese translation in this language pair. For example, the syntax (sentence structure) is dramatically different. Attempting to translate English to Chinese without taking the syntax into account would create the impression of “literal” or “word for word” translation. This is one of the most common reasons for a client to cite poor translation quality.

At Waterstone, our professional translators have the expertise to tackle these challenges. They are culturally aware and have the skills to deliver translations that fits the style of your target audience.

Whether you are looking for Mandarin translation services, or any other specific Chinese dialect, get in touch with our proficient team to get started! We also provide website translation services.

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Case study

Deep South Development

Deep south

Client Background

Deep South Studios is a new $63.5 million full-service motion picture, television and digital media production facility. Located in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is the largest design-built independent film and television full-service facility ever constructed in the Southeastern United States.

Translation Performed

When Deep South Studios decided to finance $49.5 million, by soliciting investors through the federal EB-5 program, they approached Waterstone Translations to translate their legal documents into Simplified Chinese. The project was 200,000 words in size, with 80,000 words required in 5 days. A team of handpicked linguists with both legal and technical expertise collaborated to maintain consistency of language and style throughout the project, ensuring that the translations were completed on time and met strict quality standards.

We Offer The Following Chinese Translation Services

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Our competent specialists are also well equipped to handle video subtitling services. We handle many video and audio formats, so get in touch today to get more information on many of our other translation services and a free quote.

Why Choose Our Chinese Translation Company?

High quality English to Chinese translation services

To be a member of our translation team, each translator will have passed our rigorous testing and must be a member of one of the internationally recognized professional translation bodies such as the American Translators Association (ATA). Not only are our team members technically sound, but they also have a deep understanding of their specialist fields of expertise.

We can translate up to 20,000 words a day!

If a project is required urgently, we are able to coordinate a group of translators with similar translation styles to complete the project. Get in touch with our friendly and energetic team! They will be happy to discuss with you the steps we would take to help you meet your deadlines.

Confidentiality - Our promise to you

Waterstone Translations promises to protect your confidential information. We sign confidentiality agreements with all our translators and at your request, are ready to sign a non-disclosure with you also. In addition, through our secure servers, only those assigned with the project can have access to relevant materials.

Contacting Us Is Easy!

We also provide document translation services for a wide range of documents including English to Chinese translation, Chinese to English translation, business, legal, marketing, website and technical translation services. If you are looking for a professional translation company or subtitling company, it is definitely worth getting in touch with us.

For more information on our English to Chinese translation services,
speak to our experts at +86 21 6224 3798
or write to us at info@waterstonetranslations.com.

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