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Waterstone Translations is a leading provider of document translation services. Established in 2005, we have successfully looked after the translation needs of multinational companies, law firms, EB-5 regional centers and Fortune 500 clients.

We have a solid team of skilled translators who are up for a challenge. Whether it’s a simple two-page document or a large-volume multilingual project, bank on us for our expertise!

The case study on the right provides a summary of how our professional document translation services was able to one particular client localize 181 company policies for their Shanghai office.

What puts us ahead?

One step further

At Waterstone, we take great pride in going the extra mile, whether it is delivering the translations to you a day early or reporting to you factual inaccuracies in the source document. It’s in our DNA to be perfect.

Years of dedicated hard work from our team of translators, interpreters, Project Managers and many other subject-matter experts have made us a trusted choice for many companies.

Systematic quality controls

To keep the quality of our translations consistently high, we have developed a systematic quality control process. Before delivering translations to our clients, our team of experts reviews the files with a fine-tooth comb for errors and typos. Being culturally aware, our team performs the appropriate sanity checks to ensure that we continue to offer the most professional document translation services.

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Case study



Client Background

Lacoste is a French clothing company founded in 1933 that sells high-end clothing, footwear, perfume, leather goods, watches, eyewear, and most famously polo shirts. In recent years, Lacoste has introduced a home line of sheeting and towels

Translation Performed

Lacoste has been a regular client of Waterstone Translations since 2011, one particular requirement was to effectively carry out their website translations. Target languages started initially with German and Spanish, but over time French and Italian translation responsibilities was passed to us. We have dedicated a special team of our professional linguists fluent in Marketing speak to handle their multilingual marketing campaigns.

We accept all types of documents

We have experience with a broad range of documents such as:

  • document_tran_img_1.png
  • document_tran_img_2.png
  • document_tran_img_3.png
  • document_tran_img_4.png
  • document_tran_img_5.png
  • document_tran_img_6.png

Our competent specialists are also well equipped to handle video subtitling services. We handle many video and audio formats, so get in touch today to get more information on many of our other translation services and a free quote.

Trusted by global clients

The quality of our document translation services has attracted clients all over the world. Our state-of-the-art quality compliance systems have been effective in ensuring that our clients stay on our client list. Even when the translated documents have been delivered, our dedicated client-service team and project managers are still at your disposal.

Our growth is organic

Since 2005, Waterstone Translations has grown organically year on year and we are immensely proud of it. In fact, more than 5% of new clients are referred to us by existing clients.

Here’s a list of business clients we have worked with in the past.

Contacting us is easy!

We also provide document translation services for a wide range of documents including English to Chinese translation, Chinese to English translation, business, legal, marketing, website and technical translation services. If you are looking for a professional translation company or subtitling company, it is definitely worth getting in touch with us.

For more information on our document translation services,
speak to our experts at +86 21 6224 3798
or write to us at

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