Could Choosing Auto Translation Tantamount To Pressing The Disaster Button?

03rd Oct 2018

As a business, you may have some serious budget concerns. Even some big MNCs don’t have a lot of “extra” budget for non-core tasks and the employees end up looking for “easy” solutions for some “not so significant” sub-tasks.

One thing which too many employees believe can be fiddled with has to be “translation” as rather than choosing professional translation services, they often stick to makeshift ways like auto-translation software.

With the advent of the internet and the growth of the concept of “business sans borders”, it is a common practice for websites to be available in multiple languages. This is one of the important things to do because if your site isn’t available in the targeted country’s regional language, you are most likely poised to lose clients which could otherwise culminate into good business.

To break some myth, English is not the most widely spoken language as the chart is headed by Chinese which has 1.1 billion speakers. It surely is followed by English with 983 million speakers. The Spanish language too has an impressive count of 527 million speakers. So, you can imagine the kind of people you would miss out on if you had the content exclusively in English.

Cutting translation cost

When the budget is a little too tight, employees start looking for possible cuts to the different business expenses. If you end up thinking that professional translation services that include website translation, marketing translation etc are one cost you can cut off, be prepared to actually commit a huge blunder.

Choosing an auto-translation is as good as having badly written junk content or maybe you could simply forget about carrying business in the foreign country. Let us give you reasons as to why auto translation could be the worst nightmare.

Losing the meaning

On various occasions, it has been seen that auto-translation tends to thwart the actual meaning of the text. The free software like Google translator and other terrible auto-translation software pay no heed to the contextual meaning and often do a translation word per se.

Any company offering professional translations services are sure to ask you to clearly steer away from it.

Negative PR

If rather than choosing a reliable translation company, you end up picking auto-translation software, you might actually be engaging in negative PR of your firm.

One of the top marketing minds explained that by cutting down on your marketing translation cost, you are actually voiding the marketing expense too because no one is likely to buy goods and/or services from someone who barely does a check of the content on the website.

Some people might even be put off and may consider poorly translated website content or forging professional website translation services as a disgrace to the language. So, if you do not want your firm to get a lot of nasty bad PR, steer clear from the use of auto-translators.

The Wrong Details

A lot of actual information might also be missed when you choose to use the auto-translation software. When you choose a translation service provider, they have trained and certified experts who absorb the whole information and then carry out an impeccable translation.

Walk in the shoes of the reader and think of how you would feel if you took out time to explore more about a company and find nothing but gibberish. It breaks the flow and ends up giving you a terrible opinion of the site’s services.

So, rather than spending a great deal of budget on marketing, choose professional language translation services and find out the key language pairs you want to target. If the budget truly is a matter of concern, do not opt for too many foreign language speaking nations.

You can focus on a couple of countries and when you drive adequate profits, channelize the profits back in the business and target new nations. This way you can handle the budget issues and have good professional content backed with great marketing.

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