Business document translation process

10th Oct 2015
Document Translaiton ServicesWaterstone Translations is a leading provider of business document translations, established in 2005 we have looked after the business document translation needs of thousands of clients from sole proprietorships to fortune 500 companies. Each member of Waterstone Translations' team of professional linguists has passed our strict entrance tests and periodically undergo professional training. Not only are our team members technically sound but they also have a deep understanding of their specialist fields of expertise, it is not uncommon for our team members to have previously worked in industry in a professional capacity. Translation and Documentation The below outlines our translation processes to ensure the highest quality possible for our business document translation:
  1. Analysis - We analyze the project and agree with client the scope of the project including, timeline, glossaries, presentation of file to be delivered as well as clarify any questions which we may have.
  2. Glossary - For a large project, we will develop a glossary that will aid the translators in keeping accuracy and consistency of terminology within the document. A glossary will be beneficial to you in the long run as it is a systematic method of keeping all your documents consistent in wording.
  3. Assign - The project manager will assign an experienced language translator to your document. Our translation services is always performed by a native speaker of the target language, they will be professionally qualified and usually also members of professional translation bodies.
  4. Editing - At this point an independent editor will review the translation, any changes made will be sent back to the translator for approval.
  5. Formatting - The translated text will be passed to our desktop publishing team who will precisely format the translations so that it is identical to the source file. We will always try our best to deliver the file back to you the way we received it.
  6. Final review - The file is now considered a draft copy. The project manager will now do a final check to scrutinize all the details such as page numbers, fonts, proper names, headers and footers and layout. Any corrections will be made before we finalize and send to client.
  7. Deliver to client - the translation will now be delivered to client. Any problems with the translations will be given first priority and resolved urgently.