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Marketing translations is one of the most difficult forms of translation to get right as it is very involving in terms language skills and cultural awareness. From experience, translating general and technical text can be very straight forward as the message conveyed is very clear. However Marketing documentation is usually targeted to a local audience and written in a persuasive style, therefore it is vital not only for the translator to fully understand the cultural context and local colloquialisms/expressions but also not to misinterpret the original ideas or to translate awkwardly.

Why choose us?

Quality Translations - Marketing documents translated smoothly

To ensure excellence, our high-calibre translators and interpreters have had to pass our strict entrance tests. Periodically they undergo professional training and are nearly always degree holders in translation as well as being full members of professional translation bodies. Our team members are excellent writers and have been working together with many of the biggest marketing and public relation agencies in the world.

Fast turnaround - We can translate up to 20,000 words a day!

Whether you are an individual or a corporate entity, Waterstone Translations is able to satisfy your urgent document translation requirements. Our team members are quick, accurate and professional.

Confidentiality - Our promise to you

Waterstone Translations promises to protect your confidential information. We sign confidentiality agreements with all our translators and at your request, will also sign non disclosures with you. In addition, through our secure servers only those assigned with the project can have access to relevant materials.

Case study

ABI Marketing Public Relations

Client Background

Founded in 1980, ABI is a global agency with offices in London, Singapore and New York City, the agency’s headquarters. With talented professionals of varied backgrounds in marketing, public relations, journalism, media and communications, ABI specializes exclusively in business-to-business marketing public relations.

Translation Performed

We have been providing ABI's clients with English to Chinese, Thai, Japanese and Korean translations of everything from press and product release to invitation letters. At the beginning of our cooperation, ABI expressed that they were looking for a reliable translation partner that is able to return files on short timelines and 'gets it right first time'. Several years later, we are still working with ABI and their clients.

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